We all have the capacity to hide, pretend and cover up problems and emotions that upset us. These defensive ways of living are often subconscious and not overtly chosen in our conscious mind. I believe these defense mechanisms are God given survival tools to help children and adolescents cope with hurts and traumas, yet I believe these patterns were not intended to last a lifetime. For some of us, these strategies begin to breakdown in our 20′s while for others they become less and less effective in our 30′s and 40′s while for yet others the 50′s is the turning point.

I also believe God is calling each of us to honesty, to face our situations and troubling emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, guilt shame and anger. I have the privilege to come along side individuals and couples and to assist them in their healing journey which involves change, growth and experiencing God’s grace as they find new, healthier, more honest life strategies.

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