Donald R. Kinner, MA, LPC, LMFT

Don is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a certified  Master Addictions Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors. He completed his graduate degree in counseling psychology at Wheaton College Graduate School and has practiced professionally since 1985 in Colorado, and now in Texas, where he resides with his wife and two children.

Don practices from a distinctly Christian perspective and integrates a biblical worldview into his work with individuals, marriages and families. He is the founder of the Association for Christian Family Counseling in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he treats clients with a variety of issues, including emotional, relational, and spiritual needs. Along with his counseling practice, he has led workshops, retreats, and seminars in a number of churches, transcending denominations.

Don became a Christian in 1974 when he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Since that time, he has been involved in a number of churches as well as Bible studies. He also is a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) and CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies). He regularly receives ongoing training through various seminars offered by these and other professional organizations.

“I feel privileged to sit down with someone and help them sort out the difficulty or struggles they are facing whether they are relational, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes, the issues are “here and now” and sometimes it is important to address historical underlying root issues  that may have unintentionally been overlooked or suppressed. We are all  capable of getting stuck and using unhealthy defense mechanism to cope with the pain of life and we can make a pattern of poor choices. God’s sees our struggles and because of His great love, desires to help us face things and experience healing, growth and forgiveness. I desire to join together with you in that process of growth.”

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