When you want or need to make personal or relationship improvements, you are really investing in yourself. The cost of this investment can be handled in two ways: through insurance or private pay.


If you have and wish to use insurance coverage, co-pay and deductible amounts depend upon your policy. If you would like us to check coverage as a courtesy to you, please call us with your policy details and we will be happy to do this for you.

If you choose to use insurance, be aware that insurance companies require us to give you a diagnosis. They can also require us to disclose other personal details of your present situation and your history. Once this information leaves our office, we have no control over who sees your personal information. Because of these privacy and confidentiality concerns, a growing number of people choose to not use insurance, but to do private pay.

Private Pay

With private pay sessions, what is said and discussed in our sessions stays private. This privacy keeps our work between us, without an insurance company intruding on personal information. Note: The only exception to confidentiality is governed by state laws which require us to take steps to protect you or others who are in imminent danger of harm.


Our approach is straightforward. If you can handle our regular fees, we ask that you do so. This allows us to offer reduced fees to those less fortunate who are dealing with financial hardship. We believe this approach is in keeping with a biblical perspective. If you are blessed financially and pay the regular fees, we can offer assistance and grace to others, based on their income situations.

Please note that our fees are how we provide for our families, so we appreciate your handling your financial obligations to us in a faithful and timely manner.

If you are in financial need, please discuss this with your counselor and we will do our best to work out a fee and/or payment plan that you can live with. We also offer credit or debit card payment for your convenience.

Finally, your fee is your investment in yourself, your loved ones and your future. We believe counseling is a wise investment that can pay dividends the rest of your life and be a blessing to those around you.

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