We offer individual, marital and family counseling services utilizing both a biblical worldview and a professional training background. The focus of our practice is primarily in dealing with adults, marriages, families and adolescents.

We treat people who are having conflicts or difficulty with emotions such as depression, anger, stress, fear, hurt, guilt or shame. In treating addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling), we address the behavioral aspects as well as the underlying root issues, be they emotional, relational or spiritual. We see definite benefit in working with other involved treatment providers (physicians, support groups, etc.) in providing coordinated care.


In addition to regular weekly sessions, I also offer intensive counseling. Intensives are designed for individuals in one or more of the following situations:

  • those who have the desire and motivation to make rapid progress in overcoming problems or in achieving personal growth
  • those who are coming from out of town
  • those who are facing a personal crisis

Intensives vary in length and can be tailored to individual needs or circumstances as follows:

  • Two or three fifty minute sessions
  • Half-day sessions
  • Full-day sessions
  • multi-day sessions

The benefit of intensive counseling is cumulative and exponential as momentum builds more rapidly than the same amount of time spread out over the usual one session per week format.

Our clinical approach is eclectic, utilizing principles from the following perspectives: family systems, cognitive-behavioral and emotive therapeutic modalities.


We will do our best to help you to address, resolve and bring positive changes to needed areas of your life. The goal of such work is twofold: to experience greater emotional freedom and healthier relationships, and to experience deeper intimacy with God.

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