Spirituality: Our Relationship with God

God is our Creator. Even though none of us invented ourselves, we can struggle in our relationship with God and become very independent. However, since He is our source, it is rational and sensible that we look to God for answers, help and guidance. The Bible is loaded with useful, powerful and supernatural life-changing principles and truths.

Spiritually, you may be seeking to understand who God is and what role He desires to play in your life. You may be a believer in Jesus Christ already; you may be close to Him or distant.

For those who are open to God and His love and desire to help us, we like to integrate Christian spiritual concepts and ideas into our work on relationships and emotions. Spiritually speaking, we can assist you in these areas:

  • Learning what the Bible says about God’s love for you and your relationship with Him, both now and in eternity
  • Implementing principles in Scripture concerning how to have a better, more meaningful life
  • Discovering ways to love others as we should love ourselves
  • Identifying the types and purposes of prayer
  • Learning a prayer-based way to heal emotional hurts and wounds
  • Exploring a “new” approach to prayer that is actually hundreds of years old
  • Exploring themes of why you exist and what your purpose is in living
  • Sharing concepts of turning inward that will help you heal and deepen your walk with your Creator
  • Learning how to walk by God’s spirit and not be controlled by our own selfish, fleshly desires  [top]

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